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Abraham BOSS-510949. Abraham married (MRIN:185694) Annatje-510950.

Annatje-510950. Annatje married (MRIN:185694) Abraham BOSS-510949.

They had the following children.

  F i Amy BOSS-509916 - [RIN: 509916] - was born about 1775.

Andrew PIELIS-510953. Andrew married (MRIN:185695) Jane VAN ORDEN-510952 about 1817.

Jane VAN ORDEN [Parents]-510952 - [RIN: 510952] - was born in Dec 1797 in New Jersey USA. Jane married (MRIN:185695) Andrew PIELIS-510953 about 1817.

Resolver STEVENSE-510954. Resolver married (MRIN:185696) Jannetje VAN ORDEN-510951 about 1815.

Jannetje VAN ORDEN [Parents]-510951 - [RIN: 510951] - was born on 26 Jan 1796 in New Jersey USA. Jannetje married (MRIN:185696) Resolver STEVENSE-510954 about 1815.

Jacob EARLE-510968.

He had the following children.

  F i Hannah EARLE-510925 - [RIN: 510925] - was born about 1802.

Edward EVERETT-510969. Edward married (MRIN:185698) Eliza PIERCE-510970.

Eliza PIERCE-510970. Eliza married (MRIN:185698) Edward EVERETT-510969.

They had the following children.

  M i Sidney James EVERETT-509961 - [RIN: 509961] - was born about 1846.

Sidney James EVERETT [Parents]-509961 - [RIN: 509961] - was born about 1846 in New Jersey USA. Sidney married (MRIN:185699) Martina VAN ORDEN-510971.

Other marriages:

Martina VAN ORDEN-510971. Martina married (MRIN:185699) Sidney James EVERETT-509961.

John VAN ORDEN [Parents]-510976 - [RIN: 510976] - was born on 13 May 1838 in New York City, New York USA. John married (MRIN:185700) Caroline-510977 on 1 Jan 1856.

Caroline-510977 - [RIN: 510977] - was born about 1840 in New Jersey USA. Caroline married (MRIN:185700) John VAN ORDEN-510976 on 1 Jan 1856.

Edward EVERETT-510978. Edward married (MRIN:185701) Eliza PIERCE-510979.

Eliza PIERCE-510979. Eliza married (MRIN:185701) Edward EVERETT-510978.

They had the following children.

  M i Sidney James EVERETT-509959 - [RIN: 509959] - was born about 1854.

Sidney James EVERETT [Parents]-509959 - [RIN: 509959] - was born about 1854 in New Jersey USA. Sidney married (MRIN:185702) Annie VAN ORDEN-510980.

Other marriages:
VAN ORDEN, Martina

Annie VAN ORDEN-510980. Annie married (MRIN:185702) Sidney James EVERETT-509959.

Eric Vernon SMITH-510982. Eric married (MRIN:185703) Ethel EVERETT-510981 on 18 Feb 1910.

Ethel EVERETT [Parents]-510981 - [RIN: 510981] - was born on 14 Oct 1886 in New York City, New York USA. Ethel married (MRIN:185703) Eric Vernon SMITH-510982 on 18 Feb 1910.

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