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Johannas DE VOE-510990. Johannas married (MRIN:185704) Tryntje DE VOE-510991.

Tryntje DE VOE-510991. Tryntje married (MRIN:185704) Johannas DE VOE-510990.

They had the following children.

  F i Katerina DE VOE-508898 - [RIN: 508898] - was born about 1633. She died about 1663.

Jan Pieterese VAN NORDEN [Parents]-510993 - [RIN: 510993] - was born in Apr 1661 in New York City, New York USA. Jan married (MRIN:185705) Anna BORSBOOM-510994 about 1684.

Anna BORSBOOM-510994. Anna married (MRIN:185705) Jan Pieterese VAN NORDEN-510993 about 1684.

Hendrick Jans VAN NORDEN-510995. Hendrick married (MRIN:185706) Aatje-510996.

Aatje-510996. Aatje married (MRIN:185706) Hendrick Jans VAN NORDEN-510995.

They had the following children.

  M i Abram Janns VAN NORDEN-509065 - [RIN: 509065] - was born about 1600. He died about 1656.

Thomas LAMBERTSZYN-510997. Thomas married (MRIN:185707) Martje VANDERVIN-510998.

Martje VANDERVIN-510998. Martje married (MRIN:185707) Thomas LAMBERTSZYN-510997.

They had the following children.

  F i Aechtje LAMBERTSZYN-509066 - [RIN: 509066] - was born about 1602. She died about 1660.

Andries Roos VAN LIPSTRADT-511006. Andries married (MRIN:185708) Celtje VAN NORDEN-511005 about 1650.

Celtje VAN NORDEN [Parents]-511005 - [RIN: 511005] - was born about 1632 in Holland. Celtje married (MRIN:185708) Andries Roos VAN LIPSTRADT-511006 about 1650.

Abraham WILLIAMEZE-511007. Abraham married (MRIN:185709) Aechtje VAN NORDEN-511004 on 27 Apr 1647.

Aechtje VAN NORDEN [Parents]-511004 - [RIN: 511004] - was born on 17 Aug 1629 in Holland. Aechtje married (MRIN:185709) Abraham WILLIAMEZE-511007 on 27 Apr 1647.

Thomas LAmbertszyn VAN NORDEN [Parents]-511003 - [RIN: 511003] - was born about 1627 in Holland. Thomas married (MRIN:185710) Jannetje ANDERSZON-511008 on 17 Nov 1754.

Jannetje ANDERSZON-511008. Jannetje married (MRIN:185710) Thomas LAmbertszyn VAN NORDEN-511003 on 17 Nov 1754.

Hendrick Vandervin VAN NORDEN [Parents]-511002 - [RIN: 511002] - was born on 26 Jun 1623 in Holland. Hendrick married (MRIN:185711) Trientje DIRCKSZEN-511009 about 1653.

Trientje DIRCKSZEN-511009. Trientje married (MRIN:185711) Hendrick Vandervin VAN NORDEN-511002 about 1653.

Frederick LUBBERTSZEN-511010. Frederick married (MRIN:185712) Styntje VAN NORDEN-511001.

Styntje VAN NORDEN [Parents]-511001 - [RIN: 511001] - was born about 1622 in Holland. Styntje married (MRIN:185712) Frederick LUBBERTSZEN-511010.

Govt. Jans BATENBURG-508891. Govt. married (MRIN:185713) Aatje VAN NORDEN-511000 on 24 Jun 1640.

Aatje VAN NORDEN [Parents]-511000 - [RIN: 511000] - was born about 1621 in Holland. Aatje married (MRIN:185713) Govt. Jans BATENBURG-508891 on 24 Jun 1640.

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