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George DE CANTELOU [Parents] was born on 29 Mar 1252 in of, Calne, Wiltshire, England. He died on 18 Oct 1273. George married (MRIN:8455) Margaret DE LACY.

Margaret DE LACY. Margaret married (MRIN:8455) George DE CANTELOU.

Nicholas DE CANTELUPE [Parents] was born about 1177 in of, Shropshire, , England. Nicholas married (MRIN:8456) Eustacia GRESELL.


Eustacia GRESELL was born about 1878. Eustacia married (MRIN:8456) Nicholas DE CANTELUPE.


Hugues DE CHATILLON Ct. of Blois [Parents] died about 1307. Hugues married (MRIN:8457) Beatrix DE FLANDRE in Jan 1287.


Beatrix DE FLANDRE [Parents] died in 1303. Beatrix married (MRIN:8457) Hugues DE CHATILLON Ct. of Blois in Jan 1287.


They had the following children.

  M i Gui I DE CHATILLON Count of Blois died in 1342.
  M ii Jean DE CHATILLON died in Apr 1329.[Notes]


Beatrix DE CHATILLON [Parents]. Beatrix married (MRIN:8458) Jean I DE BRIENNE Count of Eu.

Hugh DE CHAWORTH [Parents] was born about 1125 in of, Kempsford, Gloucestershire, England. Hugh married (MRIN:8459) Beatrice.


Beatrice. Beatrice married (MRIN:8459) Hugh DE CHAWORTH.


Duncan DUFF. Duncan married (MRIN:8460) Joan DE CLARE.

Joan DE CLARE [Parents] was born about 1260 in of, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England. Joan married (MRIN:8460) Duncan DUFF.

Guy BEAUCHAMP. Guy married (MRIN:8461) Isabel DE CLARE.

Isabel DE CLARE [Parents] was born on 10 Mar 1262 in of, Portbury, Somersetshire, England. She died in 1330. Isabel married (MRIN:8461) Guy BEAUCHAMP.

Other marriages:
DE BERKELEY, Maurice 2nd L. Berkeley


Gilbert DE CLARE E. of Gloucester [Parents] was born on 10 May 1291 in of, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England. He died on 25 Jun 1314. Gilbert married (MRIN:8462) Matilda BURGH Cnts. of Clare on 29 Sep 1308.


Matilda BURGH Cnts. of Clare. Matilda married (MRIN:8462) Gilbert DE CLARE E. of Gloucester on 29 Sep 1308.


Edmund CORNWALL. Edmund married (MRIN:8463) Margaret DE CLARE.

Margaret DE CLARE [Parents] was born about 1250 in Tonebridge, Suffolk, , England. Margaret married (MRIN:8463) Edmund CORNWALL.

Robert GIFFORD. Robert married (MRIN:8464) Maud DE CLARE.

Maud DE CLARE [Parents] was born about 1252 in Tonebridge, Suffolk, , England. Maud married (MRIN:8464) Robert GIFFORD.

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