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Baldwin DE RADYERS. Baldwin married (MRIN:8465) Amica DE CLARE in Oct 1226.

Amica DE CLARE [Parents] was born on 21 May 1220 in Usk, Monmouthshire, , England. She died on 30 Nov 1284. Amica married (MRIN:8465) Baldwin DE RADYERS in Oct 1226.

(N.N.) DUGAL. (N.N.) married (MRIN:8466) Agnes DE CLARE.

Agnes DE CLARE [Parents] was born in 1229 in of, Gloucestershire, , England. Agnes married (MRIN:8466) (N.N.) DUGAL.

Nigel MOWBRAY. Nigel married (MRIN:8467) Mabel DE CLARE.


Mabel DE CLARE [Parents] was born about 1166 in of, Clare, Suffolk, England. She died in 1203. Mabel married (MRIN:8467) Nigel MOWBRAY.


Roger DE CLARE [Parents] was born about 1168 in of, Middleton, Norfolk, England. He died in 1241. Roger married (MRIN:8468) Alice DAMMARTIN.


Alice DAMMARTIN. Alice married (MRIN:8468) Roger DE CLARE.


Robert DE MALTBY. Robert married (MRIN:8469) Rohese DE CLARE.


Rohese DE CLARE [Parents] was born about 1120 in of, Herefordshire, , England. Rohese married (MRIN:8469) Robert DE MALTBY.


Badeion DE MONMOUTH was born about 1090. Badeion married (MRIN:8470) Rohesia DE CLARE.

Rohesia DE CLARE [Parents] was born about 1090 in of Clare, Suffolk, England. Rohesia married (MRIN:8470) Badeion DE MONMOUTH.

They had the following children.

  F i Rohese DE MONMOUTH was born about 1120.

Richard DE CLARE [Parents] was born about 1275 in of, Thomond, Connaught, Ireland. He died on 7 Jun 1318. Richard married (MRIN:8471) Joan.

Joan. Joan married (MRIN:8471) Richard DE CLARE.

Gilbert DE CLARE [Parents] was born on 3 Feb 1281 in Limerick, Munster, , Ireland. He died in 1295. Gilbert married (MRIN:8472) Isabel.

Isabel. Isabel married (MRIN:8472) Gilbert DE CLARE.

John BEAUCHAMP [Parents] was born on 20 Jan 1329 in Stoke-under-Hand, Somersetshire, , England. He died on 8 Oct 1361. John married (MRIN:8473) Alice DE BEAUCHAMP.


Alice DE BEAUCHAMP [Parents] was born about 1345 in of, Warwick, Warwickshire, England. She died on 26 Oct 1383. She was buried in St. John's Pr., Bridgewater, Somersetshire, England. Alice married (MRIN:8473) John BEAUCHAMP.


Robert DE BRANSFORD [Parents] died in 1305. Robert married (MRIN:8474) Miss.



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