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James WASHINGTON [Parents]-155903 - [RIN: 155903] - was born about 1699. He died before May 1766 in , Northampton, , North Carolina. James married (MRIN:64103) Joyce NICHOLSON-155919.

Joyce NICHOLSON-155919. Joyce married (MRIN:64103) James WASHINGTON-155903.

Robert LANIER-155920 - [RIN: 155920] - was born in 1678. He died before 18 May 1756 in , Surry, , Virginia. Robert married (MRIN:64104) Priscilla WASHINGTON-155904.

Priscilla WASHINGTON [Parents]-155904 - [RIN: 155904] - was born about 1700. She died before 14 Dec 1764. Priscilla married (MRIN:64104) Robert LANIER-155920.

Robert HART-155921 died before 13 Dec 1770 in , Southampton, , Virginia. Robert married (MRIN:64105) Mary WASHINGTON-155905.

Mary WASHINGTON [Parents]-155905 - [RIN: 155905] - was born about 1703. Mary married (MRIN:64105) Robert HART-155921.

John STEVENS-155923 died after 23 May 1771 in , Hartford, , North Carolina. John married (MRIN:64106) Ann WASHINGTON-155906 in , Hartford, , North Carolina.

Ann WASHINGTON [Parents]-155906 - [RIN: 155906] - was born about 1707. Ann married (MRIN:64106) John STEVENS-155923 in , Hartford, , North Carolina.


Agnes GRAY-155916. Agnes married (MRIN:64107) Thomas BRIGGS-155917.

Other marriages:

Adalbert Abp. of Salzburg [Parents]-155930. Adalbert married (MRIN:64108) Miss-155931.


Miss-155931. Miss married (MRIN:64108) Adalbert Abp. of Salzburg-155930.


They had the following children.

  M i Bernhard (Count)-155932.

Froilan DE SEMUR Sgnr. de Semur [Parents]-155944.


He had the following children.

  M i Joceran Sgnr. de Semur-155942.

Guillaume Sgnr. de Semur-155945.


He had the following children.

  M i Froilan DE SEMUR Sgnr. de Semur-155944.

Raoul DE CAMBRAI [Parents]-155957 died about 982. Raoul married (MRIN:64111) Wivette DE CHAMPAGNEOIS-155958.


Wivette DE CHAMPAGNEOIS-155958. Wivette married (MRIN:64111) Raoul DE CAMBRAI-155957.


They had the following children.

  M i Herve Vcnt. of Rheims-155954.

Arnaud Count of Cambria-155956.


He had the following children.

  F i Gisele-155955 died about 1001.

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