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Anne BOTELER [Parents]-147788. Anne married (MRIN:61289) Gilbert TALBOT Sir-147789.


John Adam, Sr. TEEL Dr. [Parents]-195214 - [RIN: 195214] - was born on 6 Apr 1806 in Toledo, Ohio. He died on 27 Feb 1880 in Umatilla, OR. He was buried in Olney Cem., Pendleton, OR. John married (MRIN:61290) Elvira WILLSON-195213 on 7 Oct 1858 in Fort Scott, Kansas.

Other marriages:


Elvira WILLSON [Parents]-195213 - [RIN: 195213] - was born on 9 Oct 1830 in Wainsfleet, Ontario, Canada. She died on 15 Nov 1912 in Echo, OR. She was buried in Echo Cemetery, Echo, OR. Elvira married (MRIN:61290) John Adam, Sr. TEEL Dr.-195214 on 7 Oct 1858 in Fort Scott, Kansas.

[Marriage Notes]

They had the following children.

  F i Pamela TEEL-147792 - [RIN: 147792] - was born on 8 Feb 1873. She died in 1944.
  M ii John Adam TEEL Jr.-195212 - [RIN: 195212] - was born on 23 Jul 1867 in Echo, OR. He died on 5 May 1871 in Echo, OR. He was buried in Echo Cemetery, Echo, OR.
  M iii Od TEEL-195209 - [RIN: 195209] - was born on 26 Nov 1863 in Echo, OR. He died on 12 Mar 1935 in Echo, OR. He was buried in Echo Cemetery, Echo, OR.[Notes]
  M iv Twig TEEL-195211 - [RIN: 195211] - was born on 27 Mar 1860. He died on 19 Dec 1919.
  F v Miriam Ann TEEL-279456 - [RIN: 279456] - was born on 22 Apr 1870.

Thomas FITZ OTES-404816. Thomas married (MRIN:61291) Beatrice DE BEAUCHAMP-401752.


Beatrice DE BEAUCHAMP [Parents]-401752. Beatrice married (MRIN:61291) Thomas FITZ OTES-404816. There were other parents.

They had the following children.

  F i Maud FITZ THOMAS-147793 died on 28 May 1329.

(N.N.) SWILLINGTON-155356 - [RIN: 155356] - was born in 1538 in of, , , England. (N.N.) married (MRIN:61292) Anne PUREFOY-147795.


Anne PUREFOY [Parents]-147795 - [RIN: 147795] - was born about 1540 in of, , , England. Anne married (MRIN:61292) (N.N.) SWILLINGTON-155356.


Adolph DE GUINES-147804. Adolph married (MRIN:61293) Mahaud DE BOULOGNE-147803.


Mahaud DE BOULOGNE [Parents]-147803 - [RIN: 147803] - was born about 980 in of, Boulogne, Lorraine, France. Mahaud married (MRIN:61293) Adolph DE GUINES-147804.


Raoul DE GUINES-147806. Raoul married (MRIN:61294) Rozelle DE BOULOGNE-147805.

Rozelle DE BOULOGNE [Parents]-147805 - [RIN: 147805] - was born about 1006 in of, Boulogne, Lorraine, France. Rozelle married (MRIN:61294) Raoul DE GUINES-147806.

James DE BOHUN-147811. James married (MRIN:61295) Joan DE BRAOSE-147809 about 1301.

Joan DE BRAOSE [Parents]-147809 - [RIN: 147809] - was born about 1280 in Bramber, Sussex, , England. She died before 23 Jan 1324. Joan married (MRIN:61295) James DE BOHUN-147811 about 1301.

Peter (or Piers) DE BRAOSE [Parents]-147815 - [RIN: 147815] - was born in 1272 in Bramber, Sussex, , England. He died in 1311/1312. Peter married (MRIN:61296) Agnes-147819.

Agnes-147819. Agnes married (MRIN:61296) Peter (or Piers) DE BRAOSE-147815.

William DE BRAOSE [Parents]-147816 - [RIN: 147816] - was born about 1274 in of, Westneston, Sussex, England. He died in 1360. William married (MRIN:61297) Eleanor BAVENT-147820.

Eleanor BAVENT-147820. Eleanor married (MRIN:61297) William DE BRAOSE-147816.

Richard DE BRAOSE [Parents]-147825 - [RIN: 147825] - was born about 1232 in of Bramber, Sussex, England. Richard married (MRIN:61298) Alice DE RUS-147826.

Alice DE RUS-147826. Alice married (MRIN:61298) Richard DE BRAOSE-147825.

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