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Henry DE BEAUFORT Duke of Somerset [Parents]-147744. Henry married (MRIN:61279) (N.N.)-147745.



They had the following children.

  M i Charles DE SOMERSET-147746.[Notes]

William DE LOVEL-147751. William married (MRIN:61280) Maude DE BEAUMONT-147750.


Maude DE BEAUMONT [Parents]-147750 - [RIN: 147750] - was born about 1100. She died in 1189. Maude married (MRIN:61280) William DE LOVEL-147751.


Ralph DE TONEI-147753. Ralph married (MRIN:61281) Margaret DE BEAUMONT-147752.


Margaret DE BEAUMONT [Parents]-147752 - [RIN: 147752] - was born about 1125 in of, Leicester, , England. She died in 1185. Margaret married (MRIN:61281) Ralph DE TONEI-147753.


William DE HAMBLETON [Parents]-147754 - [RIN: 147754] - was born about 1173 in Hambleton, Buckinghamshire, , England. William married (MRIN:61282) Mary of Strathern-147755 in 1215.


Mary of Strathern-147755. Mary married (MRIN:61282) William DE HAMBLETON-147754 in 1215.


Robert DE BERKELEY [Parents]-147756 - [RIN: 147756] - was born about 1247 in of, Erlingham, Gloucestershire, England. He died in 1316. Robert married (MRIN:61283) Joan-147760.

Joan-147760. Joan married (MRIN:61283) Robert DE BERKELEY-147756.

Maurice BERKELEY [Parents]-147761 - [RIN: 147761] - was born about 1298 in of, Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England. He died on 12 Feb 1346 in Calais, , , France. Maurice married (MRIN:61284) Isabel HAMLIN-147765.

Other marriages:


Isabel HAMLIN-147765. Isabel married (MRIN:61284) Maurice BERKELEY-147761.

Thomas DE BERKELEY [Parents]-147766 - [RIN: 147766] - was born about 1274 in of, Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England. He died before Apr 1346 in Coston, Wymondham, Leicestershire, England. Thomas married (MRIN:61285) Isobel HAMELIN-147771 before 1318.


Isobel HAMELIN-147771. Isobel married (MRIN:61285) Thomas DE BERKELEY-147766 before 1318.


John DE BERKELEY [Parents]-147767 - [RIN: 147767] - was born in 1277 in of, Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England. He died in 1317. John married (MRIN:61286) Hawisia-147772 in 1303.


Hawisia-147772. Hawisia married (MRIN:61286) John DE BERKELEY-147767 in 1303.

William DE BERKELEY [Parents]-147776 - [RIN: 147776] - was born about 1226 in of, Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England. William married (MRIN:61287) Maud-147779.

Maud-147779. Maud married (MRIN:61287) William DE BERKELEY-147776.

Philip MEAD-147784.

He had the following children.

  F i Isabel MEAD-147783 died in May 1514.

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