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Alice DE LACIE [Parents]-147309. Alice married (MRIN:61119) Galfrede DE DUTTON (Sir)-147310.

They had the following children.

  M i Thomas DE DUTTON-147311.

Thomas DE DUTTON [Parents]-147311 - [RIN: 147311] - was born in of, Thelwell Manor, Cheshire, England. Thomas married (MRIN:61120) (N.N.)-147312.



They had the following children.

  F i (N.N.) DE DUTTON-147313.


(N.N.) DE DUTTON [Parents]-147313. (N.N.) married (MRIN:61121) (N.N.) DE CLAYTON-147314.

Henry DE LACY [Parents]-147318 - [RIN: 147318] - was born about 1097 in Pontrefact, Yorkshire, , England. Henry married (MRIN:61122) Aubrey DE VESCI-147321.


Aubrey DE VESCI-147321. Aubrey married (MRIN:61122) Henry DE LACY-147318.


Gilbert DE AQUILLA-147323.

He had the following children.

  F i Alice DE AQUILLA-147322 - [RIN: 147322] - was born about 1196.

Robert DE LACY [Parents]-147324 - [RIN: 147324] - was born about 1174 in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, , England. Robert married (MRIN:61124) Agnes-147327.


Agnes-147327. Agnes married (MRIN:61124) Robert DE LACY-147324.


Peter DE BRUS-147326. Peter married (MRIN:61125) Johanna DE LACY-147325.


Johanna DE LACY [Parents]-147325 - [RIN: 147325] - was born about 1177 in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, , England. Johanna married (MRIN:61125) Peter DE BRUS-147326.


Ralph DE TONI-147329 - [RIN: 147329] - was born about 1200. Ralph married (MRIN:61126) Petronella DE LACY-147328.

Petronella DE LACY [Parents]-147328 - [RIN: 147328] - was born about 1204 in of, Dublin, , Ireland. Petronella married (MRIN:61126) Ralph DE TONI-147329.

William FITZ ALAN-147333. William married (MRIN:61127) Miss DE LACY-147330 in 1175.

Miss DE LACY [Parents]-147330 - [RIN: 147330] - was born about 1162 in of Ewiss Lacy, Herefordshire, England. Miss married (MRIN:61127) William FITZ ALAN-147333 in 1175.

Richard DE BEAUFFO-147334 - [RIN: 147334] - was born about 1160. Richard married (MRIN:61128) Elayne DE LACY-147331.

Elayne DE LACY [Parents]-147331 - [RIN: 147331] - was born about 1164 in of Ewiss Lacy, Herefordshire, England. Elayne married (MRIN:61128) Richard DE BEAUFFO-147334.

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