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John BYGOT-143274.

He had the following children.

  F i Alice (or Isabel) BYGOT-143273.

John (or Ralph) (or William) GERNON [Parents]-143281 - [RIN: 143281] - was born in of, East Thorpe, , England. John married (MRIN:59603) Hawise TREGOZE-143282.


Hawise TREGOZE-143282. Hawise married (MRIN:59603) John (or Ralph) (or William) GERNON-143281.

They had the following children.

  M i John (or William) GERNON-143275 - [RIN: 143275] - was born about 1285.

Guy GOBAND-143280. Guy married (MRIN:59604) Alice DE COLVILLE-143276.

Alice DE COLVILLE [Parents]-143276 - [RIN: 143276] - was born in 1286 in of, Bytham, Lincolnshire, England. Alice married (MRIN:59604) Guy GOBAND-143280.

Other marriages:
GERNON, John (or William)

Roger DE COLVILLE (Sir)-143278. Roger married (MRIN:59605) Margaret DE BRAIOSE-143279.

Margaret DE BRAIOSE-143279. Margaret married (MRIN:59605) Roger DE COLVILLE (Sir)-143278.

They had the following children.

  F i Alice DE COLVILLE-143276 - [RIN: 143276] - was born in 1286.

William GERNON (Sir) [Parents]-143283 - [RIN: 143283] - was born in of, East Thorpe, , England. He died in 1237.


He had the following children.

  M i John (or Ralph) (or William) GERNON-143281.

Ralph DE GERNON Sir-143284 - [RIN: 143284] - was born in of Great Birch, Cambridgeshire, England. He died in 1274. Ralph married (MRIN:59607) Eleanor DE VERE-143285.


Eleanor DE VERE [Parents]-143285 - [RIN: 143285] - was born about 1188 in of, , , England. Eleanor married (MRIN:59607) Ralph DE GERNON Sir-143284.

They had the following children.

  M i William GERNON (Sir)-143283 died in 1237.


Alienor DE BLOIS [Parents]-143289 - [RIN: 143289] - was born in of, Blois, , France. Alienor married (MRIN:59608) Raoul "le Grand" Count of Crepy-143291.

Eudes II Ct. of Champagne [Parents]-143293 died in Apr 1063. Eudes married (MRIN:59609) Adelaide-143294.



Duncan Earl of Fife-143300. Duncan married (MRIN:59610) Mary DE MONTHERMER-143297 in 1307.

Mary DE MONTHERMER [Parents]-143297 - [RIN: 143297] - was born about Oct 1297 in of, , , England. Mary married (MRIN:59610) Duncan Earl of Fife-143300 in 1307.

Pierre DES MARETS [Parents]-143321. Pierre married (MRIN:59611) Agnes CHAMART-143323.


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