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Fulke DE LEE [Parents]-141665. Fulke married (MRIN:58957) Elizabeth LEIGHTON-141666.


They had the following children.

  M i Living-141663.

Richardus DE LEE [Parents]-141667. Richardus married (MRIN:58958) Margaret SPENCHOSE-141668.


They had the following children.

  M i Fulke DE LEE-141665.

Radulphus DE LEE [Parents]-141669. Radulphus married (MRIN:58959) Isabella RIDLEY-141670.


They had the following children.

  M i Richardus DE LEE-141667.

Robert de LEE [Parents]-141671. Robert married (MRIN:58960) Petronella de LEE-141672.

Petronella de LEE-141672. Petronella married (MRIN:58960) Robert de LEE-141671.

They had the following children.

  M i Radulphus DE LEE-141669.

Roger (Robert) DE LEE of Coton [Parents]-141694 - [RIN: 141694] - was born about 1360 in , , England. Roger married (MRIN:58961) Margaret DE ASTLEY-141695 about 1395.

Margaret DE ASTLEY [Parents]-141695 - [RIN: 141695] - was born in Nordley Regis, Shopshire, England. She died in 1423. Margaret married (MRIN:58961) Roger (Robert) DE LEE of Coton-141694 about 1395.

They had the following children.

  M i John DE LEE-141692 - [RIN: 141692] - was born in 1398.
  M ii Robert de LEE-141671.

Patrick SPENCE-141675 - [RIN: 141675] - was born in 1633 in Westmoreland, , Virginia. He died in 1684 in Westmoreland, , Virginia. Patrick married (MRIN:58962) Dorcas YOUELL -EWELL-141676 in 1654.

Dorcas YOUELL -EWELL [Parents]-141676 - [RIN: 141676] - was born in 1635 in , Westmoreland, Virginia. She died in 1708 in Westmoreland, , Virginia. Dorcas married (MRIN:58962) Patrick SPENCE-141675 in 1654.

They had the following children.

  M i Alexander SPENCE-141679 - [RIN: 141679] - was born in 1656 in Westmoreland, , Virginia.
  M ii Patrick SPENCE-141680 - [RIN: 141680] - was born in 1658.
  M iii John SPENCE-141681 - [RIN: 141681] - was born in 1659 in Westmoreland, , Virginia.
  M iv Thomas SPENCE-141682 - [RIN: 141682] - was born in 1660 in Westmoreland, , Virginia.
  F v Elizabeth SPENCE-141674.
  F vi Elinor SPENCE-141683 - [RIN: 141683] - was born in 1664.
  F vii Jane SPENCE-141684 - [RIN: 141684] - was born in 1666 in Westmoreland, , Virginia.

Thomas EWELL Cpt.-141677 - [RIN: 141677] - was born about 1610 in Imm.. He died in 1695 in Westmoreland, , Virginia. Thomas married (MRIN:58963) Anne LEE-141678.


Anne LEE [Parents]-141678 - [RIN: 141678] - was born about 1615. She died in Westmoreland, , Virginia. Anne married (MRIN:58963) Thomas EWELL Cpt.-141677.

They had the following children.

  F i Dorcas YOUELL -EWELL-141676 - [RIN: 141676] - was born in 1635. She died in 1708.
  F ii Winifred Ewell-141686.
  F iii Ann Ewell-141685.

Andrew MONROE-141687. Andrew married (MRIN:58964) Elinor SPENCE-141683.


Elinor SPENCE [Parents]-141683 - [RIN: 141683] - was born in 1664 in Westmoreland, , Virginia. Elinor married (MRIN:58964) Andrew MONROE-141687.

John BLOUNT [Parents]-142731. John married (MRIN:58965) Elizabeth YEO-142730.

Elizabeth YEO-142730. Elizabeth married (MRIN:58965) John BLOUNT-142731.

They had the following children.

  F i Katherine BLOUNT-141690 - [RIN: 141690] - was born about 1500. She was buried on 20 Aug 1591.

John de la LEE [Parents]-142813 died in Roden & Stanton.

He had the following children.

  M i Roger (Robert) DE LEE of Coton-141694 - [RIN: 141694] - was born about 1360.

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