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Vitteric K.oftheVisigoths-141220.


He had the following children.

  F i Ermemberge-141219.

Renaud II Ct. of Clermont-147608. Renaud married (MRIN:58807) Alix DE VERMANDOIS-147609.

Alix DE VERMANDOIS-147609. Alix married (MRIN:58807) Renaud II Ct. of Clermont-147608.

They had the following children.

  F i Marguerite DE CLERMONT-141230 died about 1130.

Guillaume DE DAMPIERRE [Parents]-141244 - [RIN: 141244] - was born in of, , , France. He died on 6 Jun 1251. Guillaume married (MRIN:58808) Beatrix-141248.


Jean I DE DAMPIERRE [Parents]-141245 died about 1259. Jean married (MRIN:58809) Laure (or Eleanore) DE LORRAINE-155193.

Laure (or Eleanore) DE LORRAINE [Parents]-155193. Laure married (MRIN:58809) Jean I DE DAMPIERRE-141245.

Other marriages:
DE VERGY, Guillaume II


Thibaut II-141250. Thibaut married (MRIN:58810) Jeanne DE DAMPIERRE-141246 in Mar 1245.

Jeanne DE DAMPIERRE [Parents]-141246. Jeanne married (MRIN:58810) Thibaut II-141250 in Mar 1245.


Wiltrude [Parents]-141252. Wiltrude married (MRIN:58811) Eudes Dk.of Aquitaine-141253.


Living [Parents]-141254.


They had the following children.

  M i Living-141257.
  F ii Living-141258.
  M iii Living-141259.
  M iv Living-141260.
  M v Living-141261.

Living [Parents]-141259.


They had the following children.

  M i Living-141263.

Raoul "le Vaillant"-141272. Raoul married (MRIN:58814) Adelaide (or Petronille) D'AQUITAINE-141271 in 1142.


Adelaide (or Petronille) D'AQUITAINE [Parents]-141271 - [RIN: 141271] - was born about 1124. Adelaide married (MRIN:58814) Raoul "le Vaillant"-141272 in 1142.



Emme DE LIMOGES [Parents]-141273. Emme married (MRIN:58815) Barbon Sgnr. de Cognac-141276.

Other marriages:
DUKE OF AQUITAINE, Guillaume X (William) Duke of Aquitaine

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