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William BRYAN Jr. [Parents]-138724 - [RIN: 138724] - was born about 1716 in Belfast, , , Ireland. He died in 1806. William married (MRIN:57814) Elizabeth-138768.

Other marriages:
WATSON, Margaret


Elizabeth-138768 died on 12 Aug 1833 in , , , Missouri. Elizabeth married (MRIN:57814) William BRYAN Jr.-138724.

John COLE [Parents]-138727. John married (MRIN:57815) Catherine BRYAN-138726 on 13 Dec 1786.

Catherine BRYAN [Parents]-138726. Catherine married (MRIN:57815) John COLE-138727 on 13 Dec 1786.


They had the following children.

  M i Philip COLE-138731.
  M ii Watson COLE-138732.
  M iii George B. COLE-138733.

Philip COLE (Colonel)-138728.

He had the following children.

  M i John COLE-138727.

James BRYAN [Parents]-138729. James married (MRIN:57817) Elizabeth-138730.


Elizabeth-138730. Elizabeth married (MRIN:57817) James BRYAN-138729.

They had the following children.

  F i Miss BRYAN-138734.
  M ii Robert BRYAN-138736.
  M iii William BRYAN-138737.
  M iv James BRYAN-138738.
  M v Charles BRYAN-138739.
  M vi John Cole BRYAN-138740 - [RIN: 138740] - was born on 28 Feb 1815. He died on 26 Jan 1870.
  M vii Philip BRYAN-138741.
  F viii Lucy BRYAN-138742.
  F ix Elizabeth BRYAN-138743.
  F x Catherine BRYAN-138744.
  F xi Salome BRYAN-138745.


Miss BRYAN [Parents]-138734. Miss married (MRIN:57818) William WILLIAMS-138735.

Charles BRYAN [Parents]-138739. Charles married (MRIN:57819) (N.N.)-138783. There were other parents.



They had the following children.

  M i Living-138784.
  M ii Living-138785.
  F iii Living-138786.
  M iv Living-138787.
  M v Living-138788.

John Cole BRYAN [Parents]-138740 - [RIN: 138740] - was born on 28 Feb 1815 in Salem, , , Virginia. He died on 26 Jan 1870 in Goodwater, Iron, , Missouri. John married (MRIN:57820) Sarah Jane TENNYSON-138822.


Sarah Jane TENNYSON-138822. Sarah married (MRIN:57820) John Cole BRYAN-138740.

They had the following children.

  F i Mary Josephine BRYAN-138823.


Lucy BRYAN [Parents]-138742. Lucy married (MRIN:57821) Christopher WOOD-138749.


Elizabeth BRYAN [Parents]-138743. Elizabeth married (MRIN:57822) James BRECKENRIDGE-138748.


Catherine BRYAN [Parents]-138744. Catherine married (MRIN:57823) James MAXWELL-138747. There were other parents.


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