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James SMITH [Parents]-122448 - [RIN: 122448] - was born about 1845. James married (MRIN:51953) Sarah E. WHITE-122447.

Sarah E. WHITE [Parents]-122447 - [RIN: 122447] - was born about 1849. Sarah married (MRIN:51953) James SMITH-122448.

George SMITH-122449 - [RIN: 122449] - was born about 1815. George married (MRIN:51954) N.-122450.

N.-122450. N. married (MRIN:51954) George SMITH-122449.

They had the following children.

  M i James SMITH-122448 - [RIN: 122448] - was born about 1845.

Tolbert JARRELL [Parents]-122455. Tolbert married (MRIN:51955) Matilda PETERS-122454.

Matilda PETERS [Parents]-122454 - [RIN: 122454] - was born on 27 Dec 1853. Matilda married (MRIN:51955) Tolbert JARRELL-122455.

Daniel JARRELL-122456. Daniel married (MRIN:51956) Hannah WORKMAN-122457.

Hannah WORKMAN-122457. Hannah married (MRIN:51956) Daniel JARRELL-122456.

They had the following children.

  M i Tolbert JARRELL-122455.

Sanford PETERS [Parents]-122459 - [RIN: 122459] - was born on 6 Dec 1856. Sanford married (MRIN:51957) Almeda-122460.

Almeda-122460 - [RIN: 122460] - was born in of, Kanawha, , West Virginia. Almeda married (MRIN:51957) Sanford PETERS-122459.

William Everett PETERS [Parents]-122462 - [RIN: 122462] - was born on 22 Nov 1860. William married (MRIN:51958) Mary E. KINDER-122463 about 1882.

Mary E. KINDER [Parents]-122463 - [RIN: 122463] - was born in Dec 1867. Mary married (MRIN:51958) William Everett PETERS-122462 about 1882.

Henry KINDER-122464. Henry married (MRIN:51959) Venila WORKMAN-122465.

Venila WORKMAN-122465. Venila married (MRIN:51959) Henry KINDER-122464.

They had the following children.

  F i Mary E. KINDER-122463 - [RIN: 122463] - was born in Dec 1867.

Lewis BAILEY-122469 - [RIN: 122469] - was born in of, Wyoming, , West Virginia. Lewis married (MRIN:51960) Huldah Elizabeth PETERS-122468.

Huldah Elizabeth PETERS [Parents]-122468 - [RIN: 122468] - was born in Oct 1867. Huldah married (MRIN:51960) Lewis BAILEY-122469.

Rice PETERS (Reverend) [Parents]-122470 - [RIN: 122470] - was born on 5 Dec 1869. Rice married (MRIN:51961) Araminta M. HURST-122471.

Araminta M. HURST-122471. Araminta married (MRIN:51961) Rice PETERS (Reverend)-122470.

Ashford PETERS [Parents]-122472 - [RIN: 122472] - was born on 22 Jul 1875. Ashford married (MRIN:51962) Barbara HONACKER-122473.

Barbara HONACKER-122473. Barbara married (MRIN:51962) Ashford PETERS-122472.

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