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Ralph CHEYNDUT [Parents]-118894 - [RIN: 118894] - was born in of, Oxfordshire, , England. He died after 1229. Ralph married (MRIN:50518) Miss-404867.

Miss-404867. Miss married (MRIN:50518) Ralph CHEYNDUT-118894.

They had the following children.

  M i Ralph CHEYNDUT-118893 died in 1284.

Ralph CHEDENDUIT [Parents]-118895 died in 1229. Ralph married (MRIN:50519) Miss-402156.

Miss-402156. Miss married (MRIN:50519) Ralph CHEDENDUIT-118895.

They had the following children.

  M i Ralph CHEYNDUT-118894 died after 1229.

Ralph CHAISNEDOIT [Parents]-118896 died before 1201. Ralph married (MRIN:50520) Alice-118897.

Alice-118897. Alice married (MRIN:50520) Ralph CHAISNEDOIT-118896.

They had the following children.

  M i Ralph CHEDENDUIT-118895 died in 1229.

Simon CHAISNEDOIT-118898 - [RIN: 118898] - was born in of, Northampton, , England. He died after 1140. Simon married (MRIN:50521) Miss-401052.

Miss-401052. Miss married (MRIN:50521) Simon CHAISNEDOIT-118898.

They had the following children.

  M i Ralph CHAISNEDOIT-118896 died before 1201.


Margaret TRENOWTH [Parents]-118899. Margaret married (MRIN:50522) John GODOLPHIN-118902.


Philippa TRENOWTH [Parents]-118900. Philippa married (MRIN:50523) John CARMYNOW-118903.


Matilda TRENOWTH [Parents]-118901. Matilda married (MRIN:50524) Thomas ST. AUBYN-118904.

Michael DE TRENOWITH [Parents]-118909. Michael married (MRIN:50525) Margarita BUTLER-118910.

Margarita BUTLER-118910. Margarita married (MRIN:50525) Michael DE TRENOWITH-118909.

They had the following children.

  M i Ralph DE TRENOWITH-118906 - [RIN: 118906] - was born before 1377. He died in 1427.

Richard BUSHELL-118908.

He had the following children.

  F i Miss BUSHELL-118907.

Stephanus DE TRENOWITH [Parents]-118911. Stephanus married (MRIN:50527) Johanna DE TRENANCE-118912.

Johanna DE TRENANCE [Parents]-118912. Johanna married (MRIN:50527) Stephanus DE TRENOWITH-118911.

They had the following children.

  M i Michael DE TRENOWITH-118909.

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