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Living [Parents]-117056.

Iotape I [Parents]-117055. Iotape married (MRIN:49757) Alexander Helios-117056.

Other marriages:
, Mithradates III K. of Commagene


Mithradates III K. of Commagene [Parents]-117060. Mithradates married (MRIN:49758) Iotape I-117055.


Iotape I [Parents]-117055. Iotape married (MRIN:49758) Mithradates III K. of Commagene-117060.

Other marriages:


Julius Caesar (Dictator) [Parents]-158779 died in 44 B.C.. Julius married (MRIN:49759) Cleopatra Queen of Egypt-117058.



Other marriages:
, Marcus Antonius III "the Triumvir"

They had the following children.

  M i Ptolemy XIV King of Egypt-158780 died in 30 B.C..[Notes]

Artavasdes II King of Armenia [Parents]-117062. Artavasdes married (MRIN:49760) (N.N.)-117066.



They had the following children.

  M i Gaius Julius Artavasdes-117067 died in Rome.[Notes]


(N.N.) [Parents]-117064. (N.N.) married (MRIN:49761) Pacorus I-117065.

Vardan (or Vartan) (Saint) [Parents]-117069 died in 451 in Battle of, Avarair. Vardan married (MRIN:49762) Dstrik (or Doustr)-117070.


Vasak of Armenia [Parents]-117071 died in 487. Vasak married (MRIN:49763) (N.N.)-117078.


They had the following children.

  M i Grigor of Armenia-117079.

Vasak of Armenia [Parents]-117074. Vasak married (MRIN:49764) (N.N.)-117075.


They had the following children.

  M i Manuel II of Armenia-117076 died in 572.[Notes]
  M ii Vardan III of Armenia-117077.[Notes]

Arsaces III King of Armenia [Parents]-117102 - [RIN: 117102] - was born about 370. Arsaces married (MRIN:49765) Vardandukht-117086.


Vardandukht [Parents]-117086. Vardandukht married (MRIN:49765) Arsaces III King of Armenia-117102.

Arsaces II King of Armenia [Parents]-117089. Arsaces married (MRIN:49766) (N.N.)-117097.

(N.N.)-117097. (N.N.) married (MRIN:49766) Arsaces II King of Armenia-117089.

They had the following children.

  M i Tiridates-117098.
  M ii Pap I King of Armenia-117099 - [RIN: 117099] - was born about 345. He died in 374.

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