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Allen THOMAS-116849 - [RIN: 116849] - was born about 1815. Allen married (MRIN:49667) Miss-296278.

Miss-296278. Miss married (MRIN:49667) Allen THOMAS-116849.

They had the following children.

  F i Elizabeth THOMAS-116848.
  F ii Nancy THOMAS-116850 - [RIN: 116850] - was born about 1850.


Living [Parents]-116851.

They had the following children.

  F i Living-123615.
  F ii Living-123614.
  M iii Living-124465.

Living [Parents]-123770.

Living [Parents]-124172.

They had the following children.

  F i Living-125540.
  M ii Living-125539.
  M iii Living-122390.
  M iv Living-117969.
  M v Living-116852.
  F vi Living-116851.
  M vii Living-123580.
  F viii Living-123579.

Living [Parents]-116852.


They had the following children.

  M i Living-124563.
  F ii Living-124071.


Marie of Vaspurakan [Parents]-116855. Marie married (MRIN:49671) David I Pnc. of Taraun-116857.


(N.N.) [Parents]-116856 - [RIN: 116856] - was born in Of Vaspurakan. (N.N.) married (MRIN:49672) Vasak-116858.


Sophie of Vaspurakan [Parents]-116861. Sophie married (MRIN:49673) Smbat I Prince Siunie-116863.

David Prnc.of Armenia-116872 died in 1080. David married (MRIN:49674) (N.N.)-116871.

(N.N.) [Parents]-116871. (N.N.) married (MRIN:49674) David Prnc.of Armenia-116872.

Auschin II Pnc.of Lampron [Parents]-116873 - [RIN: 116873] - was born about 1125. He died in 1170. Auschin married (MRIN:49675) Schahandoukht Pcs.ofPahlavouni-116878.


Schahandoukht Pcs.ofPahlavouni [Parents]-116878. Schahandoukht married (MRIN:49675) Auschin II Pnc.of Lampron-116873.

They had the following children.

  F i Marie of Lampron-116880.
  M ii Hetum III Pnc. of Lampron-116881.
  M iii Smbat (or Narsus) (Saint) Archb. of Tarsus-116882 - [RIN: 116882] - was born in 1153. He died on 14 Jul 1198.
  F iv Tolita (a nun)-116883.
  F v Susanne a nun-116884.
  M vi Gregory (a monk)-116885.
  M vii Apirat-116886.
  M viii Serge I Prince of Loulou-116887.[Notes]


Marie of Lampron [Parents]-116875. Marie married (MRIN:49676) Basil I Pnc. Pahlavouni-116877.

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