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Benjamin FRY-114814 - [RIN: 114814] - was born in of, , , Kentucky. Benjamin married (MRIN:48716) Elizabeth TOMKINS-114802.

Elizabeth TOMKINS [Parents]-114802 - [RIN: 114802] - was born on 28 May 1802. Elizabeth married (MRIN:48716) Benjamin FRY-114814.

William L. BROWN-114815. William married (MRIN:48717) Susan TOMKINS-114803 on 22 Mar 1827.


Susan TOMKINS [Parents]-114803 - [RIN: 114803] - was born on 26 Dec 1807. Susan married (MRIN:48717) William L. BROWN-114815 on 22 Mar 1827.

They had the following children.

  M i Austin Hammond BROWN-114816.
  F ii Mary Ann BROWN-114820.
  M iii George BROWN Admiral-114825.
  F iv Hannah BROWN-114828.
  M v Howard BROWN (Lieut.)-114829.
  M vi William John BROWN-114830.
  F vii Susan Virginia BROWN-114831.


Mary TOMKINS [Parents]-114804. Mary married (MRIN:48718) Mr. THOMAS-114832.


Cynthiana TOMKINS [Parents]-114805. Cynthiana married (MRIN:48719) Mr. THOMAS-114833.


Phoebe TOMKINS [Parents]-114806. Phoebe married (MRIN:48720) Mr. HERNDON-114834.


Nancy TOMKINS [Parents]-114808. Nancy married (MRIN:48721) Mr. BOLLINGER-114835.


Frances TOMKINS [Parents]-114812. Frances married (MRIN:48722) Mr. SMITH-114836.


Caroline TOMKINS [Parents]-114813. Caroline married (MRIN:48723) Mr. JACKSON-114837.

Austin Hammond BROWN [Parents]-114816. Austin married (MRIN:48724) (N.N.)-114817.


They had the following children.

  M i Living-114818.
  M ii Living-114819.


Mary Ann BROWN [Parents]-114820. Mary married (MRIN:48725) (N.N.) BROWNING-114821.

They had the following children.

  M i Living-114822.
  F ii Living-114823.
  M iii Living-114824.

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