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Mr. CUNNINGHAM-63260. Mr. married (MRIN:25248) Elizabeth H (Bett) KIMSEY-63252.

Elizabeth H (Bett) KIMSEY [Parents]-63252 - [RIN: 63252] - was born on 29 Nov 1854. Elizabeth married (MRIN:25248) Mr. CUNNINGHAM-63260.

They had the following children.

  F i Living-63261.

Franklin S. HARDESTY [Parents]-63253. Franklin married (MRIN:25249) Ophelia-70038.


Lewis HILL-63264 - [RIN: 63264] - was born on 10 Oct 1858. He died on 13 Dec 1943. Lewis married (MRIN:25250) Hannah KIMSEY-63256 on 25 Mar 1885.

Hannah KIMSEY [Parents]-63256 - [RIN: 63256] - was born on 15 Apr 1864. She died on 15 Dec 1956. Hannah married (MRIN:25250) Lewis HILL-63264 on 25 Mar 1885.


Mr. LAKE-63265. Mr. married (MRIN:25251) Cordelia KIMSEY-63257.

Cordelia KIMSEY [Parents]-63257 - [RIN: 63257] - was born on 5 May 1867. Cordelia married (MRIN:25251) Mr. LAKE-63265.


They had the following children.

  M i Living-63266.

Giles KIMSEY [Parents]-63258 - [RIN: 63258] - was born on 28 Sep 1870. Giles married (MRIN:25252) Clara-63267.


Clara-63267. Clara married (MRIN:25252) Giles KIMSEY-63258.


Living [Parents]-63261.

Isaac HARDESTY [Parents]-70254. Isaac married (MRIN:25254) Ann R.-63263.


Wesley Ray GOLDSMITH [Parents]-63269 - [RIN: 63269] - was born on 31 Jan 1930 in Long Beach, CA. He died on 24 Dec 2001 in Santa Monica, CA. He was buried in Riverside Vet Mem, Riverside, CA. Wesley married (MRIN:25255) Mary Margaret NOIROT-204144.



They had the following children.

  F i Living-204143.
  M ii Living-64751.
  M iii Living-265993.

George McFarlin TUCKER-63278. George married (MRIN:25256) Mary Sudie MCCLUSKY-63271 on 4 Oct 1883 in Stephensville, , Tx.

Mary Sudie MCCLUSKY [Parents]-63271 - [RIN: 63271] - was born on 22 Oct 1862 in Marion, Crittenden, Ky. She died on 24 Jul 1927 in Walters, , Okla.. She was buried on 26 Jul 1927 in Odd Fellows Cem., Walters, , Okla.. Mary married (MRIN:25256) George McFarlin TUCKER-63278 on 4 Oct 1883 in Stephensville, , Tx.

Mr. FOSTER-63279. Mr. married (MRIN:25257) Annie Cordelia MCCLUSKY-63276.

Annie Cordelia MCCLUSKY [Parents]-63276 - [RIN: 63276] - was born in 1874 in , , Ky. Annie married (MRIN:25257) Mr. FOSTER-63279.

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