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Frank L CATLIN [Parents]-505145 - [RIN: 505145] - was born on 21 Oct 1854 in Jamestown, , NY, USA. Frank married (MRIN:183588) Addie Julia CARPENTER-505149 on 13 Nov 1875.


Addie Julia CARPENTER [Parents]-505149. Addie married (MRIN:183588) Frank L CATLIN-505145 on 13 Nov 1875.

They had the following children.

  M i Living-505155.
  F ii Living-505156.
  M iii Elial Carpenter CATLIN-505157 - [RIN: 505157] - was born on 24 May 1878.


Ada C (Addie) CATLIN [Parents]-505146 died about 1920. Ada married (MRIN:183589) John G PALMER-505152.

John B CATLIN [Parents]-505147. John married (MRIN:183590) Maude R STERLY-505153.


Maude R STERLY-505153 - [RIN: 505153] - was born in 1861. She died in 1934. Maude married (MRIN:183590) John B CATLIN-505147.

They had the following children.

  M i Gerald W CATLIN-505160 - [RIN: 505160] - was born on 18 Sep 1890.
  M ii Cecil S CATLIN-505161 - [RIN: 505161] - was born on 4 Sep 1896.
  M iii Kenneth CATLIN-505162 - [RIN: 505162] - was born on 8 Aug 1898.
  F iv Doris CATLIN-505163 - [RIN: 505163] - was born in 1902.
  M v Verna CATLIN-505164 - [RIN: 505164] - was born in 1904.
  F vi Living-505165.


Living [Parents]-505148.

Elial Foote CARPENTER-505150. Elial married (MRIN:183592) Julia JERROD-505151.

Julia JERROD-505151. Julia married (MRIN:183592) Elial Foote CARPENTER-505150.

They had the following children.

  F i Addie Julia CARPENTER-505149.

Elial Carpenter CATLIN [Parents]-505157 - [RIN: 505157] - was born on 24 May 1878 in Jamestown, , NY, USA. Elial married (MRIN:183593) Marian I PHILLIPS-505158 in Jamestown, , NY, USA.


Marian I PHILLIPS-505158 - [RIN: 505158] - was born in 1879 in Buffalo, , NY, USA. Marian married (MRIN:183593) Elial Carpenter CATLIN-505157 in Jamestown, , NY, USA.

They had the following children.

  M i Living-505159.

Cecil S CATLIN [Parents]-505161 - [RIN: 505161] - was born on 4 Sep 1896. Cecil married (MRIN:183594) Agatha-505166.



They had the following children.

  M i Living-505167.
  M ii Living-505168.
  F iii Living-505169.
  M iv James CATLIN-505170 died in 1939.

Albert Leonard CATLIN [Parents]-505173 - [RIN: 505173] - was born on 9 Mar 1809. Albert married (MRIN:183595) Olivia MASON-505179.


Olivia MASON [Parents]-505179 died on 5 Sep 1861 in Burlington, , VT, USA. Olivia married (MRIN:183595) Albert Leonard CATLIN-505173.

Edgar Seymour CATLIN [Parents]-505174 - [RIN: 505174] - was born on 11 Nov 1811. He died on 8 Dec 1874. Edgar married (MRIN:183596) Hannah CHIPMAN-505181 on 13 Sep 1842.

Hannah CHIPMAN [Parents]-505181 died in Jul 1874. Hannah married (MRIN:183596) Edgar Seymour CATLIN-505174 on 13 Sep 1842.

They had the following children.

  F i Harriet CATLIN-505183.
  F ii Almira CATLIN-505184.
  F iii Sarah Affis CATLIN-505185.
  M iv Ashbell CATLIN-505186.

Lynde CATLIN [Parents]-505175 - [RIN: 505175] - was born on 19 Aug 1813. He died after 1853. Lynde married (MRIN:183597) Amelia Harriet MOORE-505189.

Amelia Harriet MOORE-505189 - [RIN: 505189] - was born on 17 Apr 1822. She died on 10 Oct 1872. Amelia married (MRIN:183597) Lynde CATLIN-505175.

They had the following children.

  M i George Henry CATLIN-505190 - [RIN: 505190] - was born on 26 Aug 1845.
  F ii Ella Amelia CATLIN-505191 - [RIN: 505191] - was born on 21 Dec 1853 in Shoreham, , VT, USA. She died on 29 Jan 1913.

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