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Jacob A. (Jake) DUNNAGAN (DOAS) [Parents] 1-461318 - [RIN: 461318] - was born about 1877 in IN, USA. Jacob married (MRIN:169134) Anna "Minnie" "Minnie" 2-461323 about 1897 in KS, USA.


Anna "Minnie" "Minnie" 1-461323 - [RIN: 461323] - was born in Nov 1878 in IL, USA. Minnie married (MRIN:169134) Jacob A. (Jake) DUNNAGAN (DOAS) 2-461318 about 1897 in KS, USA.

They had the following children.

  F i June Marie DUNNAGAN (DOAS) 1-461324 - [RIN: 461324] - was born in Aug 1899 in , Sedgwick, KS, USA.
  F ii Goldie DUNNAGAN (DOAS) 1-461325 - [RIN: 461325] - was born about 1902 in , Sedgwick, KS, USA.
  F iii Living-461326.

Oliver Densil DUNNAGAN (DOAS) [Parents] 1-461333 - [RIN: 461333] - was born on 10 Apr 1905 in , Sedgwick, KS, USA. He died in Oct 1985. Oliver married (MRIN:169135) Mary Evelyn WOOD-461347 on 18 Feb 1931 in Downey, Los Angeles, CA, USA.


They had the following children.

  F i Living-461348.

William J. FULLERTON-466149 - [RIN: 466149] - was born in 1877 in MO, USA. William married (MRIN:169136) Josie-466150 in 1898.

Josie-466150 - [RIN: 466150] - was born in 1878 in MO, USA. Josie married (MRIN:169136) William J. FULLERTON-466149 in 1898.

They had the following children.

  M i John E. FULLERTON-466151 - [RIN: 466151] - was born in 1901 in MO, USA.
  F ii Gertrude Mae FULLERTON-461335 - [RIN: 461335] - was born in 1904.
  M iii Living-466152.

Living [Parents]-461338.



Living [Parents]-461345.


Living [Parents]-461348.


Living [Parents]-461351.


Living [Parents]-461352.

Other marriages:


Living [Parents]-461352.

Other marriages:

George M. DUNNAGAN (DOAS) 1-461375 - [RIN: 461375] - was born about 1885. George married (MRIN:169143) Ada DUNNAGAN (DOAS) 2-461365.

Ada DUNNAGAN (DOAS) [Parents] 1-461365 - [RIN: 461365] - was born in Mar 1887 in Indian Territory, OK, USA. Ada married (MRIN:169143) George M. DUNNAGAN (DOAS) 2-461375.

They had the following children.

  F i Living-461376.
  F ii Living-461377.
  M iii Living-461378.
  M iv Living-461379.

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