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Eginhard. Eginhard married (MRIN:8141) Emma.

Emma [Parents] was born about 802 in of, Aachen, Rhineland, Germany. She died in 839. Emma married (MRIN:8141) Eginhard.

Eldfrith K.of Northumbria. Eldfrith married (MRIN:8142) Cuthburh.


Cuthburh [Parents] was born about 674 in of, Wessex, , England. Cuthburh married (MRIN:8142) Eldfrith K.of Northumbria.


Ine King of Wessex [Parents] was born about 676 in of, Wessex, , England. Ine married (MRIN:8143) Ethelburh Queen of Wessex.


Ethelburh Queen of Wessex. Ethelburh married (MRIN:8143) Ine King of Wessex.


Utilo Duke of Bavaria. Utilo married (MRIN:8144) Childtrude (or Hiltrude) Dchs. of Bavaria before 741.

Childtrude (or Hiltrude) Dchs. of Bavaria [Parents] was born about 716 in , , , Austrasia. Childtrude married (MRIN:8144) Utilo Duke of Bavaria before 741.

Bernard [Parents] was born about 738 in of, , , Austrasia. Bernard married (MRIN:8145) Gundlindis of Swabia.

Gundlindis of Swabia. Gundlindis married (MRIN:8145) Bernard.

Othon Duke of Lorraine [Parents] was born about 970 in of, Lorraine, , France. He died in 1005 in d.s.p.. Othon married (MRIN:8146) Blanca D'ARELAT.

Blanca D'ARELAT. Blanca married (MRIN:8146) Othon Duke of Lorraine.

Harald Iii King of Norway. Harald married (MRIN:8147) Ellisif (or Elizabeth) in 1045.


Ellisif (or Elizabeth) [Parents] was born about 1025 in of, Kiev, , Ukraine. Ellisif married (MRIN:8147) Harald Iii King of Norway in 1045.


Andrew I King of Hungary [Parents] was born about 1015 in of, , , Hungary. He died in 1060 in Winsselburg. Andrew married (MRIN:8148) Anastasia Queen of Hungary about 1046.


Anastasia Queen of Hungary [Parents] was born in 1022 in of, Kiev, , Ukraine. She died in 1075. Anastasia married (MRIN:8148) Andrew I King of Hungary about 1046.

Other marriages:
ATHELING, Edward The Exiled


They had the following children.

  F i Adelaide Pncs. of Hungary was born about 1038/1040. She died on 27 Jan 1062.

Walter BOLEBEC [Parents] was born about 1162 in Blanchard, Northumberland, , England. He died in 1206. Walter married (MRIN:8149) Margaret HERVEY.


Margaret HERVEY. Margaret married (MRIN:8149) Walter BOLEBEC.


Hugh BOLEBEC [Parents] was born about 1167 in Blanchard, Northumberland, , England. He died in 1262. Hugh married (MRIN:8150) Margery MOUNTFITCHET.


Margery MOUNTFITCHET. Margery married (MRIN:8150) Hugh BOLEBEC.


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