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See Kay Sarrett Borden's website for a history of the CARLILE family.

William BOLES

UPDATE: 2000-04-10
!MARRIAGE: Kay Sarrett Borden; ; CARLILE family website at; ; ;

Samuel Warren MALONEY

DIRECT LINE OF:  Janet Maloney;

UPDATE: 2000-04-12
!PARENTS-SPOUSE-CHILDREN: Janet Maloney to Terry McLean; ; email dated 12 Jan
2000 with family information; ; ; FILE: Enc #P-490.


From Janet Maloney:
 "...I know [Samuel] was the Sheriff of Cobb County Georgia for 12 years, and
that for two terms he represented his district in the Georgia State Legislature.
He left Georgia in 1857 with his family, his brothers and their families and
their parents, William Dejernette and Elizabeth, on the long overland journey to
Texas, and arrived here in Texas three months later...."

Nancy Elizabeth BLACK

DIRECT LINE OF:  Janet Maloney;

UPDATE: 2000-04-12
!SPOUSE: Janet Maloney to Terry McLean; ; email dated 12 Jan 2000 with family
information; ; ; FILE: Enc #P-490.
They had 10 children.


Hi Larry,
Hope you don't mind me replying off site but Ireland really doesn't come under the heading of Somerset !!
In reply to your question Do I come from Ireland? No I don't! I hail from Devon in the west Country of England. My husband and I were both in the Navy and he then decided that he wanted to retire back here.

Paddy is the one that researches Irish family History, very difficult because alot of the records were burnt in the Four courts Fire in Dublin in 1922. I asked him about Greenag, and he went on to a site he uses (Sean Ruad) and he came up with 2 possibilities. You have to bear in mind that ag is soft over here. Anyway GREENAGH, poor law District of Killarney County Cork. The other one is now classed as being in Northern Ireland, GREENAGHAN near Larne in County Antrim.

Hope this helps. Paddy also suggested that if you are researching Irish connections that he suggests ROOTSCHAT Ireland. If you are looking at Northern Ireland he is KINGSKERSWELL and spends most of his day helping people from all over the world.

As an added thing, Kingskerswell is the name of the village in Devon that I hail from!

Bye for now

How special for you to take the time to help, we have never found any way to tie in the very old text written in the 1700's to the site and supposed it had to be wrong, but even in names, the spellings are so different, I have 21 spellings for my mothers maiden name of Hiatt/Hiett/Hiott/Hyatt etc. We have many tales handed down but word of mouth until it is so mixed up little remains. We have rich ancestry from Ireland but so far no way to know from where, one story of another grandfather was that he was a leader of a rebellion but maybe Scotland, and trying to regain titles, his family owned a castle and still resided there as he escaped to Georgia, abt 1715, was supposed to be of a line of decent from Queen Mary thru King James, name of Alexander Keith, son of James Keith, grandson of William Keith and Lady Drummond, would be fun to find if that is true. Lots of such tales but little proof so far. Another line from Ireland was Pickens but also have not traced that past these shores, an Andrew Pickens from Drumskea, Ballymoney Parish, Northern Ireland, this is what I have so far. Would sure love to visit these areas and even find existing families who may still have information, cemeteries, etc. Since all my families were here over 300 years ago or longer, not much to go back further with. By the way, thank you for the service and our countries ties, My brother retired from the US Navy after 37 years and I am retired from the Medical Corps of the US Army, wish I had time to have traveled thru Europe instead of so much in Asia. Ha, thanks, Sure would enjoy hearing and sharing anything I have that anyone could be interested in, my data base is PAF with near 400,000 entries and sure would love to start tying those to other nations of living people today, the world is very small in reality and we are far more related then people realize. Sincerely, Larry Anderson
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    To those who are reading and interested in what has been said by the various researchers of our family line:

                             MONROE PICKENS:

Monroe Pickens was probably the first to get into manuscript form his many years of research. It is fitting that we remember what he said.

" Go with me in your imagination, back through a little more than two centuries, to the Old World and look in upon a people made poor by many wars, clinging steadfastly to their religious convictions although severely persecuted on account of them.

These people were of many countries and of different faiths, but all had a common desire to live where they might worship God according to the dictates of their consciences. Hearing of the new world across the Atlantic Ocean, hundreds of these brave souls accepted its offer of freedom.

In Ireland at this time there were living families of Scotch-Iris descent by the name of PICKEN. These families were Presbyterians and had already moved from Scotland to Ireland. These were our ancestors who, filled with a desire for freedom and moved by the spirit of adventure, graved the rough seas, crossed the stormy Atlantic and landed on the shores of Pennsylvania. Here they took up the task of establishing themselves in a strange country, that with the exception of a few earlier settlers who had preceded them was inhabited by savage Indians and ferocious wild animals. These pioneers camped in the open country until they were able to build homes for themselves.
Before leaving their homeland, the hearts of these people must have been heavy as they bade farewell to their loved ones. In America they were launching into the unknown-savages threatened them with destruction. They had to face starvation until crops could be raised.
Was this better than living in the lands where they had been persecuted?

These forefathers of ours were consistent and devout. They brought their church letters with them and took part in the organization of new churches. They brought their Bibles and used them as a guide book for their daily living. In the evenings they gathered around their camp fires, sand the Psalms of David, offered thanks to God for his mercies and prayers for their safe keeping, then lay down to sleep in the midst of the attendant dangers of that vast wilderness.
Having long yearned for a Pickens family history, I have for many years been trying to pick up the broken traditions that have been handed down to us, and weave them together into a simple history, rich inequality and texture.

    Many of whom I have requested information have responded willingly, and to them I am greatly indebted, however, in a few cases, ithas been hard to trace relationships, and there is little doubt but many errors will show in instances of this kind.
    In my own behalf, I wish to say that while this venture has had some measure of success, I have not accomplished what I desired. The taks is hardly begun. I gladly turn over to those interesed in the preservation of  the family records what information Ihave collected with the hope that it will be used as many seem best, and that someone will take up
the task and continue to gather together and preserve the records of the family and tha tthese will ever be a source of inspiration to future generations.
    With two  pages of data this work was begun, and to those who have furnished the rest of the informaiton I wish to express my sincere thanks.

 Special acknowledgment and thanks must be given to Mr. R.W. Pickens of Easly, S.C. who rendered valuable help in laying the foundation for this work; to Mr. Rupert T. Pickens of High Point, N.C.; to Mr. John A. Pickens, Chattanooga, Tenn.; To Mrs. Grace Smit Pettijohn, Indianapolis, Indiana; to Mrs. R..D. STurdivant,  Berlin, Alabama; to Mr. Virgil P. Phillips, Adamsville, Tennessee; to Mr. Elmer  Pickens of Ohio; to Mr. E.M. Pickens, College Park, Maryland; to Mrss Eugennia W. Lore, Concord, North Carolina; to Mrs. H.D. Pickens, Hattiesburg, Mississippi; to Mrs. Ben Day, Easly, S.C.; to Rev. E. M. Sharpe, of the Methodist church  in North Mississippi; to Mr. James M. Pickens, Chevy Chase, Maryland and to many others for various lines furnished.

                                      Monroe Pickens

    Kate Pickens Day after Monroe's death took up the rains and edited Cousin Monroe's work publishing it as "THE PICKENS FAMILY", in 1951. Mrs. Day's family still holds the copyright on this material and the copyright laws still apply.
                             REV. E.M. SHARP
    Dr Sharp was the second in the group to compile and publish his compilations of material. There is not a list of acknowledgments as in Monroe's material. It is know that there were numerous people that help provide Dr. Sharp with material. Raymond Bell, Baskin family information, The Hawkins sisters, Rollin Gillespie with Gillespie material.

                            PREFACE by E.M. SHARP
    "The purpose of this book is to provide a tool for the researcher in tracing his pickens linage. no book can ever be all inclusive in genealogy. I have there fore confined myself to THE PICKENS OF THE SOUTH, seeking to trace the families derived from the Pickens family that came to bucks County, Pennsylvania and spread out through Augusta
County, Virginia into the Carolinas, Tennessee, Kentucky and all of the south.

    This book comes out of 23 years of research and correspondence with Pickens descendants. The abundance of material in my files has been carefully studied and reappraised continuousoy. I have tried to keep an open mind in making my conclusions. I do not offer this as a final word on any line, and do not wish to be thought dogmatic about any
conclusion. With the material at hand, and with helpful opinions of many others, the arrangement here offered seems fairly acurate.
                             LOIS PICKENS TANNER
 To most researchers Lois Pickens Tanner was and is not well known. How ever it was her work that provided the New England line of Pickens. This line had been totally ignored up until about 1910 when Mrs. Tanner started researching the material. Because of her correspondence with both Jim Pickens and my father Sidney Pickens, her material became part of the collection. She very much felt that her material was to be shared with any and all researchers.
 Annabel published her material "JOHN SIDNEY PICKENS  His ANNCESTORS and DESCENDANTS in 1968, Aaron Press, San Angelo, Texas. In her acknowledgments she lists those many people that helped her compile her material.


    I wish to express my appreciation to E.M. Sharp, Memphis, Tennessee, for his wise counsel and assistance in determining our PICKENS LINAGE and for much of the ancestry information contained in this record; at his request, I extend our appreciation to other genealogist who were of great help to him during his twenty-five years research before he published "THE PICKENS FAMILIES OF THE SOUTH"; NAMELY, one now deceased Monroe Pickens, Greenville, South Carolina, the 'pioneer' in Pickens genealogy, whose work was completed and published by Kate Pickens Day, Easley, South Carolina, titled 'THE PICKENS FAMILY";  to Dr. A.L. Pickens, Charlotte, North Carolina, retired college
professor and publisher of the book, "SKYAUGUNSTA"; to Dr. Raymond M. Bell, Professor at Washington & Jefferson College, Washington, Pennsylvania, an authority on the BASKIN FAMILY, a member of which ELIZABETH BASKIN, became our Ansestress as first wife of ISRAEL PICKENS; all of whom shared their records with Mr. Sharp;"

    Appreciation is express and much credit given  by Mrs. Jackson to:  my first cousin, Willie Ozella Elkins Cherry (Mrs. W. Clyde, Spearsville, Louisiana, to her daughter, Gwendolyn cherry Hamberlin (Mrs. W.H. Jr.), Rolling Fork, Mississippi, her sister, Rosemarye Cherry Futch (Mrs. Glenn Wyman Luna Warren Pickens (Mrs. C.D., Sr.), DeKalb TX
These acknowledgements where in appreciation for the collection, work, and co-ordination of the material contained in her book.

    It is a collection of family group sheets with notes and asides in the different areas of the group sheets. She and her family still hold the copyright to this material

Marriage Notes for Mr. Pickens and Miss -343153

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