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Marriage Notes for Charles Hurd and Mrs. Ida HURD-343753

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Marion L. FRANTZ

 I am not sure here rather Marion is the son of Samuel and Mary or a grandson.  I will try to get clarification from William and Samuel Eddy, Corvallis, OR.  William said that Marion and Tilly were his Aunt and Uncle and had two sons who had no children.

There is on this same stone with Marion:  Sam J., Althea, Dorvel & Mathilda Frantz.  Mathilda Frantz, 1875-1950. A second wife?

Matilda L. (Tilly) KAU

From a very small card, in possession of William Perry Eddy of Corvallis, OR.

  Has excellent caligraphy in pen Lillie Frantz.
  Card reads  When we are old well smile and say
We had no care in childhood's day
But we'll be wrong; Twill not be true
I've this much care - I care for you.

Matilda L. Frantz.

Samuel J. FRANTZ

  Had no children, end of line.

Dorvel "Bob" FRANTZ

 Had no children, end of line.


 On stone with Ada J. and Henry, son Barton.  No dates.


  Record from death registry, Corvallis, Oregon, Court House
James Plunkett, d. June 12, 1911  male white age 75 yrs 3 mo. 26 days
Benton Co., Oregon  b. Iowa, Farmer  Son of Robert Plunket, mother sarah Cade  Died of Cerebral Hemmorage.


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