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Living [Parents]-16515.

They had the following children.

  M i Living-14064.
  M ii Living-14065.
  F iii Living-14066.
  M iv Living-16514.

Clyde MCCULLOUGH [Parents]-14070 - [RIN: 14070] - was born on 31 Jul 1891 in Wolback, Greeley, Neb.. Clyde married (MRIN:6753) Nina DE PEW-14081.

Nina DE PEW-14081. Nina married (MRIN:6753) Clyde MCCULLOUGH-14070.

Winnie ROSS-14082. Winnie married (MRIN:6754) Blanche MCCULLOUGH-14072 on 15 Mar 1910.

Blanche MCCULLOUGH [Parents]-14072 - [RIN: 14072] - was born on 4 Sep 1894 in Wolback, Greeley, Neb.. Blanche married (MRIN:6754) Winnie ROSS-14082 on 15 Mar 1910.


Nellie MCCULLOUGH [Parents]-14075 - [RIN: 14075] - was born on 7 Apr 1900 in Wolback, Greeley, Neb.. Nellie married (MRIN:6755) Mr. ANDERSON-14083.


Living [Parents]-14076.


Living [Parents]-14077.

Living [Parents]-14078.


Living [Parents]-14079.



Living [Parents]-14080.

Enick BELL-16672. Enick married (MRIN:6761) Rachel UNSTEAD-16676.

Rachel UNSTEAD-16676. Rachel married (MRIN:6761) Enick BELL-16672.

They had the following children.

  M i John Abraham BELL-14089 - [RIN: 14089] - was born on 30 Mar 1865. He died on 5 Mar 1935.

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