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George DUNBAR Earl of Dunbar-145687.

He had the following children.

  F i Elizabeth DUNBAR (Lady)-145686 - [RIN: 145686] - was born in 1587. She died on 19 Aug 1633.

Roger BOYLE Lord-145689. Roger married (MRIN:60438) Margaret HOWARD-145688 in 1640.

Margaret HOWARD [Parents]-145688. Margaret married (MRIN:60438) Roger BOYLE Lord-145689 in 1640.


Albert IMLER-145692 died in 1941. Albert married (MRIN:60439) Addalee MOWBRAY-181842 in 1936.

Addalee MOWBRAY [Parents]-181842 - [RIN: 181842] - was born on 13 Jun 1876. She died in 1963. Addalee married (MRIN:60439) Albert IMLER-145692 in 1936.

Other marriages:
ALTHOUSE, Francis M.


Ralph MOWBRAY [Parents]-193465 - [RIN: 193465] - was born on 23 Oct 1879 in Twin TWP-ROSS CO OH. He died on 27 Apr 1965. He was buried in GREENLAWN CEM. #2 ROSS CO OH. Ralph married (MRIN:60440) Mamie Morgan DAWSON-145693 on 2 Apr 1935.

Other marriages:
PUTMAN, Jennie

Mamie Morgan DAWSON-145693 - [RIN: 145693] - was born in 1886. She died in 1972. Mamie married (MRIN:60440) Ralph MOWBRAY-193465 on 2 Apr 1935.

Henry RATCLIFFE-145701. Henry married (MRIN:60441) Elizabeth HOWARD-145694.

Elizabeth HOWARD [Parents]-145694 - [RIN: 145694] - was born about 1506 in of, Ashwell Thorpe, Norfolk, England. She died on 18 Sep 1534. Elizabeth married (MRIN:60441) Henry RATCLIFFE-145701.


Thomas HOWARD [Parents]-145695 - [RIN: 145695] - was born about 1512 in of, Ashwell Thorpe, Norfolk, England. He died in 1532. Thomas married (MRIN:60442) Margaret DOUGLAS-145702.


Margaret DOUGLAS-145702 - [RIN: 145702] - was born about 1515. Margaret married (MRIN:60442) Thomas HOWARD-145695.

George HOWARD [Parents]-145696 - [RIN: 145696] - was born about 1514 in Ashwell Thorpe, Norfolk, , England. George married (MRIN:60443) Agnes-145703.

Agnes-145703. Agnes married (MRIN:60443) George HOWARD-145696.

John DE VERE-145704. John married (MRIN:60444) Anne HOWARD-145698.

Anne HOWARD [Parents]-145698 - [RIN: 145698] - was born about 1518 in of, Ashwell Thorpe, Norfolk, England. She died in 1558/1559. Anne married (MRIN:60444) John DE VERE-145704.


Edward STANLEY-145705. Edward married (MRIN:60445) Dorothy HOWARD-145699.


Dorothy HOWARD [Parents]-145699 - [RIN: 145699] - was born about 1520 in of, Ashwell Thorpe, Norfolk, England. Dorothy married (MRIN:60445) Edward STANLEY-145705.


They had the following children.

  M i Henry STANLEY Earl of Derby-148964 - [RIN: 148964] - was born in 1538. He died on 25 Sep 1594.

Henry DAUBENEY-145706 - [RIN: 145706] - was born about 1520. Henry married (MRIN:60446) Catherine HOWARD 1-145700.

Catherine HOWARD [Parents] 1-145700 - [RIN: 145700] - was born 2 about 1524 in of, Ashwell Thorpe, Norfolk, England. She died 3 in 1554 in Lambeth, , Surrey, England. Catherine married (MRIN:60446) Henry DAUBENEY-145706. There were other parents.

Other marriages:
RICE, Griffith

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