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Amedee V Count of Savoy-148027. Amedee married (MRIN:58776) Sybille DE BAUGE-148028.

Sybille DE BAUGE-148028. Sybille married (MRIN:58776) Amedee V Count of Savoy-148027.

They had the following children.

  M i Edward "le Liberal" Count of Savoy-141132 - [RIN: 141132] - was born on 8 Feb 1284. He died on 4 Nov 1329.

John TERRY-141150.

He had the following children.

  M i John TERRY-141142 - [RIN: 141142] - was born about 1567. He died on 10 May 1625.

John WHITE-141151. John married (MRIN:58778) Elizabeth (or Isabel) RAWLE-141152.

Elizabeth (or Isabel) RAWLE-141152. Elizabeth married (MRIN:58778) John WHITE-141151.

They had the following children.

  F i Mary WHITE-141143 - [RIN: 141143] - was born about 1571. She died on 6 Oct 1637.

Richard GOODMAN-141147. Richard married (MRIN:58779) Mary TERRY-141144 on 18 Dec 1659.


Mary TERRY [Parents]-141144 - [RIN: 141144] - was born on 31 Dec 1636 in Dorchester, , , Massachusetts. She died in 1692. Mary married (MRIN:58779) Richard GOODMAN-141147 on 18 Dec 1659.


John TERRY [Parents]-141145 - [RIN: 141145] - was born on 6/6 Mar 1637/1638 in Windsor, Hartford, , Connecticut. John married (MRIN:58780) Elizabeth WADSWORTH-141148 on 27 Nov 1662.


Elizabeth WADSWORTH-141148. Elizabeth married (MRIN:58780) John TERRY-141145 on 27 Nov 1662.


Philip RUSSELL-141149. Philip married (MRIN:58781) Elizabeth TERRY-141146 on 10 Jan 1666.


Elizabeth TERRY [Parents]-141146 - [RIN: 141146] - was born on 4/4 Jan 1641/1642 in Windsor, Hartford, , Connecticut. She died on 19 Sep 1677. Elizabeth married (MRIN:58781) Philip RUSSELL-141149 on 10 Jan 1666.


John TERRY [Parents]-141153 - [RIN: 141153] - was born about 1592 in of, Dorchester, Dorsetshire, England. John married (MRIN:58782) Naomi-141158.

Naomi-141158. Naomi married (MRIN:58782) John TERRY-141153.

Josiah TERRY [Parents]-141155 - [RIN: 141155] - was born about 1597 in of, Dorchester, Dorsetshire, England. Josiah married (MRIN:58783) Margaret-141159.

Margaret-141159. Margaret married (MRIN:58783) Josiah TERRY-141155.

Uchtred ofNorthumberland [Parents]-141160 died in 1016. Uchtred married (MRIN:58784) Alfgifu (or Elgiva)-141161.


Jaropolk Prince of Kiev [Parents]-141167 - [RIN: 141167] - was born about 952 in of, Kiev, , Ukraine. He died in 976. Jaropolk married (MRIN:58785) Anna-141169.


Anna-141169. Anna married (MRIN:58785) Jaropolk Prince of Kiev-141167.


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