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John HEWES-138543 - [RIN: 138543] - was born about 1580 in England. John married (MRIN:57754) Mary FOOTE-138535 on 14 Feb 1602.

Mary FOOTE [Parents]-138535 - [RIN: 138535] - was born about 1584 in of, Shalford, Essex, England. Mary married (MRIN:57754) John HEWES-138543 on 14 Feb 1602.

Joshua FOOTE [Parents]-138541 - [RIN: 138541] - was born about 1600 in of, Colchester, Essex, England. He died in 1655. Joshua married (MRIN:57755) Elizabeth-138544.

Elizabeth-138544. Elizabeth married (MRIN:57755) Joshua FOOTE-138541.

Mr. HALL-138546. Mr. married (MRIN:57756) Miss-138545.

Miss-138545 - [RIN: 138545] - was born about 1527 in of, Royston, Herts., England. Miss married (MRIN:57756) Mr. HALL-138546.

Other marriages:
FOOTE, Robert

Mr. SAWLE-138550. Mr. married (MRIN:57757) Alice FOOTE-138547.

Alice FOOTE [Parents]-138547 - [RIN: 138547] - was born about 1549 in Royston, Herts., , England. Alice married (MRIN:57757) Mr. SAWLE-138550.

(N.N.) SMITH-138551. (N.N.) married (MRIN:57758) Elizabeth FOOTE-138548.

Elizabeth FOOTE [Parents]-138548 - [RIN: 138548] - was born about 1551 in Royston, Herts., , England. Elizabeth married (MRIN:57758) (N.N.) SMITH-138551.

John FOOTE [Parents]-138549 - [RIN: 138549] - was born about 1555 in Royston, Herts., , England. He died about 17 Nov 1616. John married (MRIN:57759) Margaret BROOKE-138552 on 11 May 1581.

Margaret BROOKE-138552. Margaret married (MRIN:57759) John FOOTE-138549 on 11 May 1581.


Roscille [Parents]-138556 - [RIN: 138556] - was born in of, Anjou, , France. Roscille married (MRIN:57760) Alain II Barbetorte Ct. of Nantes-138557.


Bouchard "le Viex" Count of Paris [Parents]-138561 - [RIN: 138561] - was born in 920 in of, Anjou, , France. He died on 1 Mar 1012. Bouchard married (MRIN:57761) Elizabeth-138566.


Elizabeth-138566 - [RIN: 138566] - was born about 920. Elizabeth married (MRIN:57761) Bouchard "le Viex" Count of Paris-138561.


They had the following children.

  M i Bouchard DE VENDOME-138569.[Notes]
  M ii Renaud DE VENDOME-138568 died on 6 Jan 1016.[Notes]
  F iii Adele (or Elizabeth) DE VENDOME-138567 - [RIN: 138567] - was born about 980. She died in 1000.


Gerberge [Parents]-138570 - [RIN: 138570] - was born in of, Anjou, , France. Gerberge married (MRIN:57762) Guillaume (Count)-138572.



Adele [Parents]-138571 - [RIN: 138571] - was born in of, Anjou, , France. Adele married (MRIN:57763) Eudes DE NEVERS-138573.


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