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Hans Christian (SKAUG)-58018 - [RIN: 58018] - was born about 1800. Hans married (MRIN:23568) Ellen Johanne CHRISTOFFERSEN-58019.

Ellen Johanne CHRISTOFFERSEN [Parents]-58019 - [RIN: 58019] - was born on 19 Jan 1800 in Skaug, Sande, Vestfold, Norway. Ellen married (MRIN:23568) Hans Christian (SKAUG)-58018.

Lars Hansen BJORLOW-58024 - [RIN: 58024] - was born about 1789. Lars married (MRIN:23569) Ingeborg CHRISTOFFERSEN-58020 on 21 Apr 1811.

Ingeborg CHRISTOFFERSEN [Parents]-58020 - [RIN: 58020] - was born on 4 Oct 1789 in Skaug, Sande, Vestfold, Norway. She died on 6 Sep 1822. Ingeborg married (MRIN:23569) Lars Hansen BJORLOW-58024 on 21 Apr 1811.

Henrich CHRISTOFFERSEN [Parents]-58021 - [RIN: 58021] - was born on 5 Jul 1794 in Hanevold, Skoger, Buskerud, Norway. He died in 1832. Henrich married (MRIN:23570) Maren Helene PEDERSEN-58022.

Maren Helene PEDERSEN-58022 - [RIN: 58022] - was born about 1794. Maren married (MRIN:23570) Henrich CHRISTOFFERSEN-58021.

John MCCOY-71824. John married (MRIN:23571) Dinah Jane BROWN-58025.

Dinah Jane BROWN [Parents]-58025 - [RIN: 58025] - was born in 1860. She died in 1929. She was buried in 1929. Dinah married (MRIN:23571) John MCCOY-71824.

They had the following children.

  M i Living-71825.
  M ii Living-71826.
  F iii Living-71827.
  M iv Living-71828.
  F v Living-71829.
  F vi Living-71830.
  F vii Living-71831.
  M viii Living-71832.
  F ix Living-71833.

James Martin BROWN [Parents]-58026 - [RIN: 58026] - was born in 1863. James married (MRIN:23572) Annie REED-71834.

Annie REED-71834. Annie married (MRIN:23572) James Martin BROWN-58026.

They had the following children.

  F i Living-71835.
  F ii Living-71836.
  M iii Living-71837.
  F iv Living-71838.

John William COLE-71839 - [RIN: 71839] - was born on 6 Dec 1863. He died on 4 Feb 1906. He was buried in Feb 1906. John married (MRIN:23573) Nancy Ellen BROWN-58027 on 8 Oct 1885.

Nancy Ellen BROWN [Parents]-58027 - [RIN: 58027] - was born on 23 Jan 1868. Nancy married (MRIN:23573) John William COLE-71839 on 8 Oct 1885.

They had the following children.

  M i Living-71840.
  M ii Living-71841.
  F iii Living-71842.
  F iv Virginia Pearl COLE-71843 - [RIN: 71843] - was born on 13 May 1896.
  F v Living-71844.

Franklin Reed BROWN [Parents]-58028 - [RIN: 58028] - was born on 24 Dec 1869. Franklin married (MRIN:23574) Mary Catherine ADAMS-71850.

Mary Catherine ADAMS-71850. Mary married (MRIN:23574) Franklin Reed BROWN-58028.

James Nichols MCKINNEY-71851. James married (MRIN:23575) Letitia May BROWN-58029.

Letitia May BROWN [Parents]-58029 - [RIN: 58029] - was born on 3 Mar 1872. Letitia married (MRIN:23575) James Nichols MCKINNEY-71851.

Robert MCKINNEY-71852. Robert married (MRIN:23576) Alice BROWN-58030.

Alice BROWN [Parents]-58030 - [RIN: 58030] - was born in 1875. Alice married (MRIN:23576) Robert MCKINNEY-71852.

William Jasper BROWN [Parents]-58032 - [RIN: 58032] - was born in 1879. William married (MRIN:23577) MONA KEMP-71853.

MONA KEMP-71853. MONA married (MRIN:23577) William Jasper BROWN-58032.

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