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Pieter VAN ORDEN [Parents]-510242 - [RIN: 510242] - was born about 1775 in New York USA. Pieter married (MRIN:185434) Tyne ROOS-510243 on 14 Feb 1795.

Tyne ROOS-510243 - [RIN: 510243] - was born about 1774 in New York USA. Tyne married (MRIN:185434) Pieter VAN ORDEN-510242 on 14 Feb 1795.

Hendrick CUYPER-510244 - [RIN: 510244] - was born about 1769 in New York USA. Hendrick married (MRIN:185435) Antje VAN ORDEN-510241 on 22 Apr 1787.

Antje VAN ORDEN [Parents]-510241 - [RIN: 510241] - was born on 7 Sep 1770 in New York USA. Antje married (MRIN:185435) Hendrick CUYPER-510244 on 22 Apr 1787.

Jacob Ten EYKE-510245 - [RIN: 510245] - was born on 5 Aug 1789 in New York USA. Jacob married (MRIN:185436) Neeltje Sara VAN ORDEN-510240 on 5 Aug 1789.

Neeltje Sara VAN ORDEN [Parents]-510240 - [RIN: 510240] - was born about 1769 in New York USA. Neeltje married (MRIN:185436) Jacob Ten EYKE-510245 on 5 Aug 1789.

Herman VAN BLARCOM-510246. Herman married (MRIN:185437) Aaltje AKKERMAN-510247.

Aaltje AKKERMAN-510247. Aaltje married (MRIN:185437) Herman VAN BLARCOM-510246.

They had the following children.

  F i Jennitje VAN BLARCOM-510081 - [RIN: 510081] - was born about 1763.

Richard VAN RYPER-510252. Richard married (MRIN:185438) Elizabeth VAN ORDEN-510251.

Elizabeth VAN ORDEN [Parents]-510251 - [RIN: 510251] - was born on 11 Apr 1777 in Hackensack, Bergen, New Jersey USA. Elizabeth married (MRIN:185438) Richard VAN RYPER-510252.

Gabriel VAN ORDEN [Parents]-510249 - [RIN: 510249] - was born about 1770 in New Jersey USA. Gabriel married (MRIN:185439) Margareth-510253 about 1794.

Margareth-510253. Margareth married (MRIN:185439) Gabriel VAN ORDEN-510249 about 1794.

Henry COOPER-510254 - [RIN: 510254] - was born about 1765 in Hackensack, Bergen, New Jersey USA. Henry married (MRIN:185440) Annaje VAN ORDEN-510248.

Annaje VAN ORDEN [Parents]-510248 - [RIN: 510248] - was born about 1766 in Hackensack, Bergen, New Jersey USA. Annaje married (MRIN:185440) Henry COOPER-510254.

Christian VAN DYKE-510255. Christian married (MRIN:185441) Tentye ROELOF-510256.

Tentye ROELOF-510256. Tentye married (MRIN:185441) Christian VAN DYKE-510255.

They had the following children.

  F i Christeyntje VAN DYKE-510187 - [RIN: 510187] - was born about 1747.

Hendricus VAN DYKE [Parents]-510257 - [RIN: 510257] - was born about 1767 in New Jersey USA. Hendricus married (MRIN:185442) Aeltje-510259.

Aeltje-510259 - [RIN: 510259] - was born about 1768. Aeltje married (MRIN:185442) Hendricus VAN DYKE-510257.

David DE MARRE-510260. David married (MRIN:185443) Racheal CRESSON-510261.

Racheal CRESSON-510261. Racheal married (MRIN:185443) David DE MARRE-510260.

They had the following children.

  F i Magdalena DE MARRE-510192 - [RIN: 510192] - was born on 27 Feb 1691. She died about 1750.

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