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Living [Parents]-479305.

Ervin CLARK [Parents]-479307 - [RIN: 479307] - was born on 4 Oct 1919 in Treasureton, Franklin, ID, USA. He died before 1981. Ervin married (MRIN:175237) Dorothy Jeanne CARROLL-479308 on 20 Nov 1947.



Living [Parents]-479309.


Living [Parents]-479311.

John FREEMAN [Parents]-479316 - [RIN: 479316] - was born about 1794 in NC, USA. John married (MRIN:175240) Amy-479317.

Amy-479317 - [RIN: 479317] - was born about 1795. Amy married (MRIN:175240) John FREEMAN-479316.

Samuel FREEMAN [Parents]-479318 - [RIN: 479318] - was born about 1796 in NC, USA. Samuel married (MRIN:175241) Jane MURRY-479319.

Jane MURRY-479319 - [RIN: 479319] - was born about 1800. Jane married (MRIN:175241) Samuel FREEMAN-479318.

Zachariah WELLS-479322 - [RIN: 479322] - was born about 1800. Zachariah married (MRIN:175242) Elizabeth FREEMAN-479321.

Elizabeth FREEMAN [Parents]-479321 - [RIN: 479321] - was born about 1800 in NC, USA. Elizabeth married (MRIN:175242) Zachariah WELLS-479322.

Nathan HOLLOWELL [Parents]-479323 - [RIN: 479323] - was born on 5 Aug 1796 in , Orange, NC, USA. Nathan married (MRIN:175243) Nancy-479324.

Nancy-479324 - [RIN: 479324] - was born about 1800. Nancy married (MRIN:175243) Nathan HOLLOWELL-479323.

Ira BENNION-479330 - [RIN: 479330] - was born about 1860. Ira married (MRIN:175244) Nettie GARDNER-479329.

Nettie GARDNER [Parents]-479329 - [RIN: 479329] - was born on 8 Mar 1865 in UT, USA. She died on 15 Dec 1914 in Taylorsville, Salt Lake, UT, USA. She was buried in Taylorsville, Salt Lake, UT, USA. Nettie married (MRIN:175244) Ira BENNION-479330.

They had the following children.

  M i Marvin Gardner BENNION-479338 - [RIN: 479338] - was born on 28 Sep 1892 in Taylorsville, Salt Lake, UT, USA. He died on 16 Jan 1923 in Taylorsville, Salt Lake, UT, USA. He was buried in Taylorsville, Salt Lake, UT, USA.

Ambrose HANCHETT-479334 - [RIN: 479334] - was born about 1890. Ambrose married (MRIN:175245) Cleo GARDNER-479333.

Cleo GARDNER [Parents]-479333 - [RIN: 479333] - was born on 18 Jan 1892 in Richfield, Sevier, UT, USA. She died on 26 Oct 1918 in Annabella, Sevier, UT, USA. She was buried in Annabella, Sevier, UT, USA. Cleo married (MRIN:175245) Ambrose HANCHETT-479334.

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