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They had the following children.

  M i Living-404899.

Richard Lawrence THORSTED-401484 - [RIN: 401484] - was born about 1898. Richard married (MRIN:147797) Maxine N. PETERSON-406878.

Other marriages:
BELTZ, Margaret Grace

Maxine N. PETERSON-406878 - [RIN: 406878] - was born about 1904. Maxine married (MRIN:147797) Richard Lawrence THORSTED-401484.

Living [Parents]-402248.


They had the following children.

  F i Living-411295.

George MALLOW-401509 - [RIN: 401509] - was born about 1834. George married (MRIN:147799) Sarah DYER-405673.

Sarah DYER [Parents]-405673 - [RIN: 405673] - was born about 1836. Sarah married (MRIN:147799) George MALLOW-401509.


Robert LONG-401510. Robert married (MRIN:147800) SARAH-402241.

SARAH-402241. SARAH married (MRIN:147800) Robert LONG-401510.

They had the following children.

  M i Samuel LONG-410980.



Other marriages:

They had the following children.

  M i Living-401514.

John W FORREST [Parents] 1, 2-411216 - [RIN: 411216] - was born 3 in 1811 in Matthews County, Virginia. He died 4 in 1887 in Madison County, Indiana. John married (MRIN:147802) Laura FARGO 5-411217 in Dec 1834 in Virginia.

Laura FARGO 1-411217 - [RIN: 411217] - was born in 1818 in Virginia. She died in Sep 1872 in Madison County, Indiana. Laura married (MRIN:147802) John W FORREST 2, 3-411216 in Dec 1834 in Virginia.

They had the following children.

  M i William FORREST-401518 - [RIN: 401518] - was born in 1836. He died on 29 Mar 1876.

John STANBROUGH [Parents]-401523 - [RIN: 401523] - was born on 18 Nov 1820 in Clinton County, OH. John married (MRIN:147803) Lydia J. HUNT-409040 on 1 Feb 1838 in Milford MM, Indiana.

Other marriages:
MILLS, Lydia Jane

Lydia J. HUNT [Parents]-409040 - [RIN: 409040] - was born on 1 Jan 1821. She died in Indiana. Lydia married (MRIN:147803) John STANBROUGH-401523 on 1 Feb 1838 in Milford MM, Indiana.


Josiah BELL [Parents]-401527 - [RIN: 401527] - was born on 11 Jan 1798 in N.C.. He died on 10 Sep 1886 in DUBLIN, WAYNE CO., IND. Josiah married (MRIN:147804) Abigail CHARLES-403103 on 2 May 1821. There were other parents.

Abigail CHARLES [Parents]-403103 - [RIN: 403103] - was born on 19 Jun 1797 in PERQUIMANS CO., N.C.. She died on 8 Dec 1889 in DUBLIN, WAYNE CO., IND. Abigail married (MRIN:147804) Josiah BELL-401527 on 2 May 1821.

Edward KNEE-400443 - [RIN: 400443] - was born about 1878. Edward married (MRIN:147805) Bertha LEE-401532.

Bertha LEE-401532 - [RIN: 401532] - was born about 1880. Bertha married (MRIN:147805) Edward KNEE-400443.

They had the following children.

  F i Bessie KNEE-88921 - [RIN: 88921] - was born about 1902.

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