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Arthur TIPTON [Parents]-327541 - [RIN: 327541] - was born about 1931. He died on 3 Oct 1999 in Warrenton, Oregon. Arthur married (MRIN:121810) Sharon-327542.




Living [Parents]-327543.


Living [Parents]-327545.


Living [Parents]-327547.

Isaac BORING [Parents]-327552 - [RIN: 327552] - was born on 27 May 1799 in Jonesboro, Washington County, Tennessee. Isaac married (MRIN:121814) Catherine Cobb CONNER-327553.

Catherine Cobb CONNER-327553 - [RIN: 327553] - was born on 28 Nov 1803 in Jonesboro, Washington County, Tennessee. Catherine married (MRIN:121814) Isaac BORING-327552.

William RENO [Parents]-327554 - [RIN: 327554] - was born on 9 Sep 1778 in Shenandoah County, Virginia. He died on 21 Dec 1807. William married (MRIN:121815) Nancy BAILEY-327556 on 21 Dec 1897.

Nancy BAILEY-327556 - [RIN: 327556] - was born in 1778. Nancy married (MRIN:121815) William RENO-327554 on 21 Dec 1897.

MCINTOSH-327561. MCINTOSH married (MRIN:121816) Malissa BARNES-327560.

Malissa BARNES [Parents]-327560 - [RIN: 327560] - was born in 1891 in Estill County, Kentucky. Malissa married (MRIN:121816) MCINTOSH-327561.

Henry B. BARNES II [Parents]-327562 - [RIN: 327562] - was born in 1893 in Estill County, Kentucky. Henry married (MRIN:121817) Lizzy TIPTON-327563.

Lizzy TIPTON-327563. Lizzy married (MRIN:121817) Henry B. BARNES II-327562.


Julia BARNES [Parents]-327564 - [RIN: 327564] - was born in 1895 in Estill County, Kentucky. Julia married (MRIN:121818) MCINTOSH-327565.


Arlene Ann MOORE [Parents]-404439 - [RIN: 404439] - was born on 7 Jan 1941 in Tonovay, Greenwood County Kansas, USA. She died on 2 Apr 2005 in Eureka, Greenwood County, Kansas USA. She was buried in Piedmont Cemetery, Piedmont Greenwood County Kansas, USA. Arlene married (MRIN:121819) Glenn NEWCOMER-327567.

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