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Living [Parents]-296423.


Living [Parents]-296425.


Living [Parents]-296427.


Living [Parents]-296429.



Living [Parents]-296431.

Stephen TIPTON [Parents]-296437 died on 20 Jan 1864 in Altamount, Grundy County, Tennessee. Stephen married (MRIN:111519) Louisa GRISWOLD-328404.


David COPPINGER-328403 - [RIN: 328403] - was born on 11 Jan 1822 in Warren County, Tennessee. He died on 5 Nov 1883. He was buried in Shiloh United Methodist Church Cemetery, Warren County, Tennessee. David married (MRIN:111520) Beersha TIPTON-296438.

Other marriages:
MCMULLON, Margaret

Beersha TIPTON [Parents]-296438 - [RIN: 296438] - was born in 1819. Beersha married (MRIN:111520) David COPPINGER-328403.

They had the following children.

  M i John COPPINGER-328422 - [RIN: 328422] - was born in 1850.
  M ii James Lavender COPPINGER-328423 - [RIN: 328423] - was born in 1851.
  F iii Margaret COPPINGER-328424 - [RIN: 328424] - was born in 1857.


Lynchie TIPTON [Parents]-296439. Lynchie married (MRIN:111521) James TATE-328406.

John Houston TIPTON [Parents]-296440 - [RIN: 296440] - was born on 25 Dec 1823 in Altamount, Grundy County, Tennessee. He died on 7 Nov 1907. John married (MRIN:111522) Anglin-328405.

Anglin-328405. Anglin married (MRIN:111522) John Houston TIPTON-296440.

Jasper Cope COPE [Parents]-296442 - [RIN: 296442] - was born in 1831 in Warren County, Tennessee. Jasper married (MRIN:111523) Sarah Elizabeth ROGERS-296443 on 30 Oct 1853 in Warren County, Tennessee.

Sarah Elizabeth ROGERS-296443 - [RIN: 296443] - was born on 10 Jun 1839 in Warren County, Tennessee. She died on 18 Aug 1882. Sarah married (MRIN:111523) Jasper Cope COPE-296442 on 30 Oct 1853 in Warren County, Tennessee.

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